Medisana Kursi Pijat Akupresur Shiatsu (MC 825)

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Acupressure is an emphasis - emphasis on triger point, which in the case of pain triger point is equal to the acupuncture points. But if acupuncture uses needles in the process, acupressure just rely fingers or any other equipment to suppress certain body parts to relieve pain. Based on the observed pain, then the point triger considered similar to acupuncture points.

Triger point is a sensitive point that when pressed will cause pain in places far away from the point and point triger is degenerasilokal in muscle tissue caused by muscle spasm, trauma, endocrine imbalance, muscle imbalance, general tension due to the situation, work, emotions. Triger point can be found in skeletal muscle and tendons, ligaments and joint capsule, periosteum, the skin. Normal muscle does not have triger point.

By using the tool Shiatsu Accupressure Massage Seat Cover MC 825 is, can suppress tiger point that can relieve pain and other health problems, especially in the waist and thigh area.

With MC 825 for more comfort: Three-dimensional rotating massage heads are the special feature. The massage heads can move in three directions (3D) in the process - roll on the back not only from top to bottom, but also from the left to the right and from the back to the front. This provides a particularly intensive and refreshingly smooth effect of a deep massage. The MC 825 Shiatsu massage cushion provides a massage in high-definition and thus, very targeted and adjusted effect of the massage on the respective part of the body. 

Fitures :

  • Innovative acupressure massage for the waist and thig areas
  • Intensive shiatsu massage for the back
  • Three selectable massage zones for shiatsu massage : Upper Back, Lower Back and Full Back
  • Separate, height-adjustable neck massage
  • Additional red light and heat function
  • Detachable, washable neck cover
  • Convenient velcro for fastening at the back of a chair
  • Handy remote control





SKU     88939
Model  Shiatsu Accupressure Massage    
Production country            Germany
Manufacturer                    Medisana
Dimensions (L x W x H)  110 x 42 x 18 cm 
Color                                        Black/ Gray
Weight                                 5.9 kg 
Boxed-product Weight  7 kg
Cable length                        1.8 m
Power Supply                    220-240 V, 50 Hz -60Hz
Power consumption           40 W 
Automatic power off          Automatically after 15 minutes
Operating conditions         In dry rooms
Storage conditions            Dry and cool
Three selectable massage  Total, Upper or Lower Back 

Delivery Info

  • Estimates of the Jakarta area delivery 1-3 working days
  • Outside Jakarta area estimated delivery 2-6 working days
Warranty 1 year
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