Saraya Alsoft Pure (500 ml)

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Alsoft Pure is an alcohol-based liquid containing 2-propanol to dry fast disinfection makes skin feeling clean and healthy. Tested in dermatoligcally. Recommended for skin or hand disinfection for users with sensitive skin. After performing hand hygiene measures Alsoft pure aroma is not fragrant / neutral because fragrance free / perfume.

Using Pure Alsoft can eradicate:

  • Bactericide, TB / microbakterium tuberculosis, MRSA
  • Fungicidal 
  • Virucidal HIV, Hepatitis C Virus Band, rota virus
  • A composition Alsoft this Pure, 100 g containing 2-Proponol 62.8 g and 37.2 g Purified Water


Sterilize of contamination of germs, bacteria and viruses in the hand and the skin before taking action, it is very important for medical personnel prior to injection of light and puncture in peripheral vessels, prior to surgery, sterilize the skin in the area of the sebaceous glands, also used as a coolant / compress dilute disinfectant.


  • In place the appropriate area required (space lobby, hallway, living room nurses, ICU, ICCU, VIP,
  • VVIP, emergency room, laboratory, practice room, living room and the entire room admin RS).
  • Adjusting the place and distance proportional

How To Use

  • Eliminate contamination from bacteria, germs, organisms of the hand for 30 seconds
  • Sterilize from bacterial contamination, bacteria and viruses from the hands to the forearm during
  • 1.5 minutes.
  • Sterilize the hands of bacterial contamination, bacteria and viruses before mild injection process and puncture in peripheral vessels for 15 seconds.
  • Sterilize the hands of bacterial contamination, germs and viruses prior to surgery and punctures
  • by rubbing on the skin area and carefully keeping in the wet area for 1 minute.
  • Sterilize the hands of bacterial contamination, bacteria and viruses before taking action in
  • area of the sebaceous glands and keep the area wet for 10 minutes.





SKU     S-05
Name  Alsoft Pure  
Model Bottle with spray and plastic models are not recycled
Type of product Saraya disinfected
Boxed-product Weight    2 Kg
Color Clear liquid
Volume 500 ml 
Aroma Not fragrant / neutral
Active Ingredients          2-Propanol 62.8g
Active Ingredients           Purified water 37.2g
Standard Press to spray (WHO standard) 3 ml / spray (1 time press maximum) for a bottle of 1000 ml
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