Medisana Alat pijat leher shiatsu NM 860

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It is particularly common to suffer from tensions in the neck and shoulder area. If we feel cold or suffer from stress, we pull our shoulders together, bring the head closer to the shoulders and stiffen the muscles in the neck. In addition, carrying heavy loads, or a long, rigid posture at the computer screen can affect this area. The Medisana NM 860 neck massager offers the remedy with a powerful Shiatsu massage and with soothing heat. In addition, you can apply this practically shaped massager also at the back, the abdomen or the upper and lower legs to massage these body parts

Enjoy an intense Shiatsu neck massager NM 860 just by pressing a button. Thanks to four powerful rotating massage heads and two holders, you can adjust the massage intensity to your needs. To further intensify the deep effect of the massage, you can turn on the red light and heating function.

Enjoy an intensive massage experience at home with the Shiatsu neck massager from Shiatsu neck massager NM 860. If desired, red light can be added through the large massage heads, providing is a pleasant heat treatment which increases the positive effects of the massage. The red light radiates through the skin to the underlying tissues, with the massage heads warming without getting hot. Thereby, both massage heads get warm but not hot.

The Shiatsu neck massager NM 860 uses an AC adapter and the control panel is integrated in the massager. It allows you to choose from two rotation speeds and decide for yourself whether you want to enjoy the shiatsu massage with or without heat. Intensive Shiatsu massage in the neck area: flexible to use also on shoulders, back, waist, legs

Features :

  • 4 rotating massage heads
  • 2 rotating speed selectable
  • Additional warming function
  • massage intensity can be controlled
  • Massage intensity can be adjusted individually by pulling the massage device closer to the body 
  • Easy operation through integrated control panel 
  • Removable, washable massage head cover






SKU     88942-A
Model  Shiatsu neck massager NM 860
Production country            Germany
Manufacturer                      Medisana
Dimensions (L x W x H)   58 x 34 x 20 cm 
Weight                             1,55 kg
Boxed-product Weight    2 k g
Power Supply                     220-240 V, 50 Hz -60Hz
Power consumption           18 W 
Automatic power off          Automatically after 15 minutes
Operating conditions         in dry rooms
Storage conditions            dry and cool

Delivery Info

  • Estimates of the Jakarta area delivery 1-3 working days
  • Outside Jakarta area estimated delivery 2-6 working days
Warranty 1 year
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