Medisana Digital Termometer (FTC)

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Thermometer to measure body temperature. Thermometer is used by attaching iron into the body of your gauges. After sticking with a certain time duration, the temperature will appear on the digital screen.


By attaching a gauge iron into the body you, this thermometer will measure the body temperature very accurately. Body temperature will appear via a digital display located on the upper gauge steel.

Reset Function

No need to wait for the thermometer to stabilize its temperature as traditional thermometers that use mercury as a temperature indicator. Thanks to digital technology that is implemented in this thermometer you can reset the temperature without the need to wait.

Features :

  • Precise measurement of body temperature. (oral, axillary, rectal)
  • Acoustic signal when ready to measure and at end of measurement
  • LCD display digital
  • Fever alarm for temperatures >37.5 °C
  • Automatic switch-off  after the last measurement
  • Last reading is saved




SKU     77030
Model  Thermometer Digital FTC
Production country   Germany 
Digital Display (LCD) Display system     
Dimensions (L x W x H)   1.5 x 5.5 x 16 cm
Color               White
Net weight    9.8 g ( 0.02 lbs )
Boxed-product Weight  50 g
Measuring range  32 - 42 C / 89.6 - 111.2 F 
Scaling / Precision  +/- 0,1 C (0.2F) 
Power supply  1 button cell 1,5 V  ( AG3 or Lr41, included) 
Automatic switch-off    After the last measurement 

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