Smart San Saraya Detergent Netral (N-2)

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Neutral Detergent (N-2) using the power of concentrated surfactant or detergent diluted normal consistency that has 5x concentrated detergent for cleaning power high-powered and economical usage.

Neutral Detergent (N-2) is a thick foamy solid to remove fat from many equipment applications.


  • 5x concentrate to use cost savings
  • Using the power of concentrated surfactant
  • Neutral detergent soften hands
  • Thick foam cleaning grease and grime
  • To clean dirt heavy oil on the surface, plates and utensils
  • Active ingredient Surfactant :60%
  • Fragrance Free
  • Color Clear yellow
  • Container / Volume 5L

How to use   

  • For kitchenware, apply directly from Detergent Netral (N-2) and scrub with a sponge. Rinse after washing.
  • When diluted, apply directly or soak dishes to penetrate soiling.





SKU     S-16 
Name  Neutral Detergent (N-2)
Type of product Food Sanitation Smartsan
Production country         Japan
Manufacturer Saraya
Boxed-product Weight   6 kg
Color Clear yellow
Volume 5000 ml (5 liter) 
Aroma Not fragrant / neutral
Composition 60%

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