Smart San Saraya Quat Sanitizer (S-6)

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Quat Sanitizer S-6 is a cleaning fluid that removes disease-causing microorganisms in cooking equipment and machinery. The cleaners are safe and reliable


  • As a germ-killing disinfectant
  • Sanitizer for cooking equipment and machinery
  • Save the use of the mixing ratio of 1: 300 (just use 1 ml quat sanitizer mixed with 300 ml mineral water)
  • Used after washing equipment with N-2 Bleach and not only for the surface equipment for washing hands
  • Benzakonium containing chloride

How to use:

Using the automatic dilution machine mini dose GAD-35 (sold separately)
and the contents into a spray bottle or use Hydro Chem (sold separately)

  • The active ingredients benzakonium chloride
  • not flavorful
  • tintless
  • Container / Volume 5L





SKU     S-21
Name  Quat Sanitizer S-6
Type of product Sanitizer for cooking equipment and machinery
Production country         Japan
Manufacturer Saraya
Boxed-product Weight   6 kg
Color Clear liquid
Volume 5000 ml (5 liter) 
Aroma Not fragrant / neutral
Composition Benzakonium chloride
Dilution Rate  1:300

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