Medisana Strip Tes Glukosa Darah Meditouch (50 pcs)

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Meditouch blood glucose test strips are test strips for measuring blood glucose levels to be used in tool glucose meter, blood sugar test tool examples meditoch Glucose test strips.

Meditouch contains 50 test strips with a high degree of accuracy, which will automatically recognize the correct strips (and reject any damaged or previously used strips) to ensure correct reading every time.

The MediTouch®2 test strips are based on an improved enzyme composition (GDH-FAD), which reacts with glucose specifically and thus, minimises the influence of other substances. In addition, the test strips have an underfilling detection feature which prevents measurement if the blood sample is not sufficient.

Features :

  • Automatic blood sucked by itself
  • Needed a little blood sample
  • The test can be used before and after meals
  • Results can be read within 5 seconds






SKU     79027
Model  Meditouch Test Strips  
Type                          EPS
Production country   Germany
Manufacturer    Medisana
Package      50 pcs
Weight         90 g 
Storage temperature     2 °C – 30 °C (35.6 °F - 86 °F)
Operating temperature  0 °C – 40 °C (50 °F – 104 °F)
Haematocrit value (Htc)   30 - 55 %
Blood sample volume 0.6 µL

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